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Are you currently experiencing 

  • Hurtful Relationships

  • Painful Memories

  • Bad Habits

You've arrived in the right place!

Each of these experiences represent some form of loss of your personal power.  I teach a self-healing process called Your 5 Moments of Power which allows you recover your power, vitality, joy, and ability to live your life to its fullest potential


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Individualized Coaching 

 Summer offers individualized coaching to help clients make hurtful relationships, painful memories, and bad habits a distant memory of their past.  It has been said that what a client has been struggling to get over for years can be cleared up in just a few sessions working with her. 

Live Training program

Now accepting new participants in 'The Breakthrough Is You' live training program.    Learn the 5 step process that allows you to self-heal to the deepest part of yourself and grow to your fullest potential!  

public speaking

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People spend a lot of time on things that make them unhappy. To cultivate joy, pay attention to what you like.
— The Afterlife of Billy Fingers


Summer Bragg is an expert on helping clients end the patterns that keep them stuck.  She is trained in Psych-K, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), and also holds a certification as Master Practitioner in Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology (HNLP) through the International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (trained by John Overdurf). She also holds a certification as a Practitioner in NLP from The Association for Integrative Psychology. She speaks on topics such as procrastination, will power, goal setting, mindfulness, and motivation. 


Her approach clears the underlying emotional drivers which create upset and pinpoints the root of the problem - even if you don't know what it is - and reprograms negative and limiting thought patterns by upgrading the "software" of the mind.  This is for you if you are experiencing:

  • hurtful relationships

  • painful memories of the past

  • bad habits

Her programs and techniques are based on the leading-edge neuroscience and understanding the client's needs.  By engaging in mindfulness techniques, she empowers clients to make lasting changes leaving them feeling more calm, confident, creative, and capable.

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My Story


I'm Summer

I used to struggle with procrastination in high school, and in college... struggling to be able to finish assignments on time.  I also had difficulty with procrastination in my personal life.  Whether it was starting a new relationship, moving to a new city, or starting a new business project, procrastination had me stuck and unable to move towards my dreams.  Fear used to always hold me back.  I felt stuck and unfulfilled in life.  I felt like there was so much more I should be doing with my life... so much more that I should be doing the right way.  I had fear of disappointing important people in my life.  I felt overwhelmed by things I felt I had to do.  I was anxious and afraid that I wouldn't be able to be successful or that I might make mistakes.  The pain of feeling that way was terrible... it affected my sleep, my relationships, and my vitality. I didn't experience much freedom or fun in my life at that time.

I tried everything I could to change my life - I tried making lists, I tried reading books, I tried making fake deadlines for myself, I tried summoning more will-power, I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked.

But then things started to turn around when I began to study the unconscious mind and how to 'reprogram' the beliefs that I held about life.  As I began to learn how to delve in deeply and change what my unconscious mind perceived to be true, I began to act in full alignment with where I wanted to go in life and who I wanted to be. I began to see shifts in all aspects of life from work, to sleep, to relationships, to income, to my relationship with myself.  I became much more loving and accepting of myself.  And from that place, completing tasks became enlivening and compelling challenges that urged me out of bed every morning. It became great fun to experience life in a whole new way, and work tasks became a breeze to complete. I found new depths of resourcefulness within myself that I never knew was there.  I am now able to solve problems that used to keep me stuck for months.  I now know  how to harness the strength of the unconscious mind and have it work in sync with the conscious mind.  The difference is mind-blowing.  

From my research, I've honed in on the most effective techniques to bring you out of 'that stuck place' and get on to living your life! My foundational philosophies are a mixture of East-meets-West, with programs based on leading edge psychology, neuroscience, and eastern philosophy.